Speaking: Intro

Personal and organizational uncertainty, risk and loss. We are more afraid of anticipated dangers—and of each other—than at any point in history. So, how do we get great work done together? Trust, respect, accountability and influence have to be more than just words. That means we need to get as competent at designing and developing our working relationships as we are at our subject matter expertise.

Mark Cappellino demystifies what it takes to have high-functioning relationships at work. This is not about acquiring “soft” skills, being vulnerable or having touchy-feely experiences. We each possess the concrete tools to create effective relationships at work that work: we just don’t know what these are or how to use them. Mark shares the “what” and the “how to” in easy-to-understand language. His keynotes range from 15 minutes (TED-talk style) to half-day events. Anything longer than 60 minutes gives participants a chance to work with his simple, powerful model for designing and developing effective relationships at work.