The Red Thread of Leadership

The red thread that shows up in my logo, iconography, and this site has a story to tell. A story about what’s possible in your leadership relationships.

A Chinese legend states that the gods tie an invisible red thread around the ankles of those who are destined to meet and help each other. Like the red thread, these relationships may stretch and tangle, but will never break.

What we do with each red thread is up to us.

I’m committed to helping leaders who want to transform challenging relationships into red threads, create alignment, and generate a positive future for all stakeholders through their conversations. My simple, direct coaching style goes straight to the heart of what’s going on in the interactions they’re having with their colleagues, teams, stakeholders—and themselves.

I give leaders an experience of a timeless, continuous “red thread” in our coaching relationship. From there, they learn how to intentionally design and generate alignment and commitment to each other’s success in all their relationships.

If your leadership relationships have become tangled or stretched, let’s connect to discuss how you can successfully manage all the threads you are a part of.

Meanwhile, as you browse this site, watch for visual reminders of this “red thread” approach.

dialog boxes

Custom iconography

Hand-drawn contour line illustrations are like what we do in a coaching conversation: look at a situation in all its complexity, then reveal it in its simplest form.


Red em dashes

These represent an interruption of our traditional ways of thinking about things. I call them “pattern interruptions” or “shifts in coherence”, which create the possibility of new insights and learning. You’ll find I use them frequently in my writings.