Is Love the language of leadership?

This is the season when we tend to take extra stock in our relationships and give thanks.

I am grateful for my relationship with my clients–and with you, my readers. And in the spirit of the red thread, I recognize that, although we may not always in communication, we’re always connected.

I count my relationships with my clients among my most precious gifts. This week, one of them revealed his own insight that love is, in essence, the language of leadership and that we’re the same people at work as we are at home. YES!

I thought this would be a great topic to blog about. And then I thought twice. My opinion is consistent with my client’s insight. However, that’s only one perspective, and I’m interested in hearing others.

And so I would value hearing from you. Please email me with one or two sentences expressing your thoughts relative to love being the language of leadership before January 5, 2015. There are no right or wrong answers.

In January, I will summarize what you’ve all collectively contributed and share that back with you—without sharing names, of course.

I’m really looking forward to your brief thoughts. AND feel free to elaborate, if you’re so inclined.

Until then, best wishes for a happy, healthy, and thriving 2015!

Love and peace,