Founder CEO: Lead Role in a Cage

People found companies to create something new in the world—not to become a CEO. Think of Jobs, Musk, Bezos. Before they were CEOs, they were inventors. Creating something new in the world takes audacity and a certain dogged single-mindedness. These qualities are valuable and necessary for creating something out of nothing.

I’ve observed, however, that these qualities, in combination, often place the CEO in a cage of their own making.

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Why Talk Relationships at Work?

We have a subconscious orientation to “relationship” at work that is antithetical to work. We operate as if “relationship” has nothing to do with work. I believe it is everyone’s job at work to maintain relationships that facilitate effective work.

These relationships are like arranged marriages. They are arranged by the lines on the org chart that connect the roles. That is, we are in these relationships by virtue of the roles we inhabit.

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